Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twilight Eclipse

hey wassup you guys, its 2AM in da morning and i'm still awake bcoz i just get back from watching movies with my sisters and friends. And of coz the movie was, the vampire love blockbuster, Twilight Eclipse, everyone crazy about it, for me i was yeah.. so-so but i was enjoying the movie. It was cool, yeah there are "not so" there and here, likes a lot of kissing scenes*bad for kids, great for me, love-romantic talks, and much more other... but it was that not really bad.

Takdelah bosan sangat like other people said... suka time lawan, it was atomic *atomic? whats that?, and yeaaaayy to Edward and boooo to Jacob, cis tunjuk body ja... haha~ mesti ramai marah nie... i like Alice, she's cute and fun! love her... i hope she bite me... ok... won't happened and i don't really want to... huhu overall it was a good movie, and plus i hangout with my sisters Girlfriends cliques, Kak Dayah, Kak Nurul, Pija, Kak Sara, Ajue dan juga 2 jejaka kacaks, Rizal dan Ahmat Fais (adik junior) wkakakaka ;p and it was fun too... nanti gi lagik k.

Sebelum tuh gua dok tulis nie teringat makan kat mak endah tadi, sup dia perrgghhh cilaka sedap!!! tadi makan nasi pastuh masukkan dalam sup macam slalu buat kat rumah, memang gua tak pandang kanan kiri dah... terbahek!!! hehehe

well i guess that's for today, xoxo, chanchincau!!!

p/s; air susu-cincau benteng, lama tak minum!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

hey wassup you guys, its sunday 11th july... it's been a while after my last post about cute moon mason, his very cute baby right, like a perfect angel. His beautiful... ok enough! The reasons i starting blogging again because i really miss to write shit about me and share it with you guys *artist punya statement, lot of going in my life, and it's kinda fun to just write it in here and make it like a diary, am i right?.. whatever i'm just talking shit. *shit not a good word dough

before i started to mumbling damn much, i would like to thanks to all new followers, i don't even post any story for like 5 to 6 months and still u follow my stupid blog and thank you so much, i hope i can gain more in the future...

basically i'm not write in english instead of malays but this time i felt liked it.

So, right now, i don't want to share anything yet but hopefully i will always post a lot more story about my life here.. so see u in the next post.

p/s; need a new look for my blog

nadzirul afif omar