Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

hey wassup you guys, its sunday 11th july... it's been a while after my last post about cute moon mason, his very cute baby right, like a perfect angel. His beautiful... ok enough! The reasons i starting blogging again because i really miss to write shit about me and share it with you guys *artist punya statement, lot of going in my life, and it's kinda fun to just write it in here and make it like a diary, am i right?.. whatever i'm just talking shit. *shit not a good word dough

before i started to mumbling damn much, i would like to thanks to all new followers, i don't even post any story for like 5 to 6 months and still u follow my stupid blog and thank you so much, i hope i can gain more in the future...

basically i'm not write in english instead of malays but this time i felt liked it.

So, right now, i don't want to share anything yet but hopefully i will always post a lot more story about my life here.. so see u in the next post.

p/s; need a new look for my blog

nadzirul afif omar


Najwa Amirah said...
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Najwa Amirah said...

update jugak last2

Nadz Afif said...

hahahaha tuhla pasal, takpe ti akuu akan sentiasa rajinkan diri mengupdate

Nadz Afif said...

wawa hahahahah~ malaslaa... time nak peksa plakla rajin kan