Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Listening to; Lovelight by CNBLUE
Time; 3 a.m in my gloomy room.

Hey wassup people, we're here again, that's great i guess, hahah. well today i'm gonna share you guys with some of my photos that i took yesterday and this evening. Ermm before that, let me tell ya a lil bit what i've been doing recently. Well, again or actually nothing much going on, ergghhh.But actually I was planning to visit Bukit Bendera and Pesta Penang in Penang on Sunday but somehow*always, some of my friend can't make it and harapan keseronakan yang ingin dicipta bersama terpaksalah dikuburkan dahulu. haha but it's okay, i'm going there soon, and i share some photos here too.can't wait.

So; yesterday, I met my old friend Zikry and he introduced me to her love of his life, Ms Dayah. Well, she's pretty, i can say ^_^. We went to Pantai Merdeka, and errrgghhh damn it, there a lot of people on that day, coz of the holidays i guess i means yes, cuti krismas. And and Izzrul was there to, we were chatting and share stories, eating some foods and took some pictures, well its kinda fun. Thanks guys to filling up my day, and it's nice just to relax beside the bitch... errrr i mean beach! hahah.

Then, today my friend Asrol text me to join him and  his friends to have Mee Udang in Pulau Sayak, FYI, Pulau Sayak is so famous for their awesome Mee Udang; you guys should try too, come over and i bring you guys there and make sure you guys belanja me laa... hahhahah no kidding =_=" And and, Nini was there too yeaaayyy, actually we went together by my Kembara to the Mee Udang place. Well this time we eat at the Usop Mee Udang, i've never eat there before, my favourite one was beside the Usop one, Yaakob Mee Udang, well i guess Yaakob still wins. opps! but whatever it is, thanks to Asrol for belanja-belanja ya, next time panggil lagi naaa~ hahaha!

Okay enough crapping, let see some photos!


ouh nini come with her sistar too; intan. they're start posing dah ni.

nini dengan bot nelayan, *awkward caption

auwwww isn't this cute, sisters love!

jalan-jalan main pasir.

why everybody look depressing? hahah and that's the mee.

tenang melihat keindahan alam,  haaaaaaaahhh laut terbentang luas waaahhhh~


perluka malu? cecececee~




semoga bahagialah kata :P

p/s; masih pening memikirkan apa kah step yang seterusnya, adoi susah susah drama drama. hurmmmmmmm semoga smuanya tertulis dengan baik, amin.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pichu; The Fluffy Princess

Hey wassup you guys, thanks for coming by here, well today~ errr.. nothing much going on too~ but today was a big day for my sister, Mela, coz of her PMR result! well she doing "fine" and i'm not gonna giving her any present coz of her "fine" result, you know what i mean by fine kan. hahah. whatever.

So back to business;

auwww look at the title, is that already cute, Bahahhaaha, as u know or some of u know Pichu is my beloved cat, so this evening i decided to captured some moment with him, so me and my sister play dress up a bit and create princess looked for him, and wallah here are the photos. enjoy!

here is the cover, jeng jeng jeng!!!

ouh my! she's a pretty shy princess!

here goes the accessories, Princess Pichu loves jewelry, a big diamond necklace and diamond bow headband. she got expensive taste!

omagad omagad, she's workin' it! a great pose by Princess Pichu

here comes the close-up shots to show her beauty, she's still pretty shy girl. hehe look at the eyes, FIERCE!

liked most Diva out there, Princess Pichu also have some attitude, the left photo, she's said no to the camera and start shouting wildly and right photo, well as you can see, F**K sign with exact "middle finger"

now the pretty shots, isn't she look nice

auwwww so pretty and cute!!! screaammmm!!!

"where is my Prince Meow-Meow Charming, please save me i don't wanna be eat by those ugly Dog Kings" said Princess Pichu.

last shots, Pichu loves BLING-BLING!


scratching and mess-up, is a must.

taking a shits, ouh shits LOL!!!

still taking shits but in pretty way. cute cute cute!!!

after photoshoot; wah he pretty tired, thanks Pichu, hugs and loves!


ini adik baru Pichu; BieBie, say hi to him!

p/s; ouh ya mungkin ada yang keliru, let me set the record straight, some peole might think Pichu is a girl, naaaahh his a guy, but somehow ramai kata dia betina, ouh well that's fine for him, he still cute dough;

3 in da morning

Hey wassup you guys, it's been a while, how you doin? everything good hah? but honestly i have nothing to write or nothing to share with. I don't know what i ate but just now i got stomach-ache. ouh great, memang menganggu malamku yang tenang, so i can't really sleep so i decided to update some shit over hear. okay let's see what have i done today, okay i wake up in 11 o'clock due the late sleeping habits, then immediately log on to facebook, twitter and etc, then after a while, i makan, mandi, and tengok tv, then after that playing with my cats and then on9 back, then makan, mandi, sakit perut dan wallah here i am. ouh gosh tefaaakkk man, what am i doing, i guess i pretty fucked up with my life kan?, but somehow i just need to be positive, well hey the next few months or years or maybe days, you may not felt this way again, so enjoy a bit, kan? hahah agree? please do so if you're not, so i don't feel that "loser".don't judge! hahaha, enough crapping, i found some pictures i took a while ago with my friends in flickr. well then enjoy; arhhh only 4 of them, dang it!

well ilham seems pretty happy, look at that face. LOL

arrrhhh the kampung boy in da middle of sawah with striking red shirt huh, epic!

here comes the album cover of Ilham new single, "Sangkar Cintaku" boleh? well he so into character in that picture, trap in trees. LOL

i pretty sure love this shot, btw thanks Ilham.

p/s; arrhhh i left my external kat ipoh, dang it~ another reason to go back there.