Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 in da morning

Hey wassup you guys, it's been a while, how you doin? everything good hah? but honestly i have nothing to write or nothing to share with. I don't know what i ate but just now i got stomach-ache. ouh great, memang menganggu malamku yang tenang, so i can't really sleep so i decided to update some shit over hear. okay let's see what have i done today, okay i wake up in 11 o'clock due the late sleeping habits, then immediately log on to facebook, twitter and etc, then after a while, i makan, mandi, and tengok tv, then after that playing with my cats and then on9 back, then makan, mandi, sakit perut dan wallah here i am. ouh gosh tefaaakkk man, what am i doing, i guess i pretty fucked up with my life kan?, but somehow i just need to be positive, well hey the next few months or years or maybe days, you may not felt this way again, so enjoy a bit, kan? hahah agree? please do so if you're not, so i don't feel that "loser".don't judge! hahaha, enough crapping, i found some pictures i took a while ago with my friends in flickr. well then enjoy; arhhh only 4 of them, dang it!

well ilham seems pretty happy, look at that face. LOL

arrrhhh the kampung boy in da middle of sawah with striking red shirt huh, epic!

here comes the album cover of Ilham new single, "Sangkar Cintaku" boleh? well he so into character in that picture, trap in trees. LOL

i pretty sure love this shot, btw thanks Ilham.

p/s; arrhhh i left my external kat ipoh, dang it~ another reason to go back there.

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