Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch Date with Landart Ladies

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hey wassup you guys, another photos update! this one a lil bit special coz just now i just get back from a lunch date with the Landart ladies. Who are those beautiful ladies? hehe Mereka adalah bunga-bunga yang mewarnai taman di Landart tempat saya praktikal. ceeeeeeeeeee~ ^_^

So basically it's just that, we having lunch time, but today we all go together and makan kat somewhere near dengan office which are the Harvest... something, don't really remember the restaurant name but the Harvest is kinda nice place and the food also not bad, taste really good and the price also not so bad laa~it's a western plus sikit-sikit asian food kinda restaurant.

Then, hari ni saja bawa my baby nikoryna, so tadaaaaaaaaaa terhasilah kenangan kami makan bersama. so without wasting anymore seconds, let's enjoy the photos. and a quick shout out to our fun-joyful Miss Yoon, thanks for brighten our day with your smile and happiness ouuwww and thanks to belanja me today.. I should tempah the mahal-mahal one if i knew hahah! and also to kak long aka kak fanty, sory you tak ade meyhh~ well your nurul is more important~ but still jangan jeloussssssssss~

the ladies; from left kak atif, kak ada, miss sunshine-miss yoon, lilian and joanna

say hi to miss yoon hehe ^_^


*look young meyh after i edit sikit waaaaaaaahhh

kak ada perbetul speknya

kak atif tersenyum

after not-so-short time waitin', air pon sampai~ tasty!






hot leman tea, joanna punya


that's mine~

sambil menunggu makanan, mestilah sembang-sembang dan bergelak tawa ^_^




after a while makanan pon sampai~ waaaaaaaaaahhhh~ yummy!




after that, semua orang pon kenyang dan nak balik ke office balik~

see... licin~ best!

miss yoon pon already balik to office, so her place pon jadik tak ceria sebab dia tak ada haha!

so, kitorang pon balik ke office balik untuk bekerja~

*this what the restaurant look liked~ its actually kinda nice tapi time nie baru pas lunch so berselerak sedikit hahah.

well that's me, i look fat T_T~ baru lunch kott~ bad angle~

p/s; jangan jeles kak long hehe~ i'm pretty excited that esok the last day and also kinda sad. hehe~ thanks everyone.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Adventures Of Miju; Outside World

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hey wassup you guys, seperti biasa sambil bekerja curi-curi hupdate blog ini. dok browse folder-folder ternampak gambar-gambar plushes or patung keychain yang jue ngan kak mia bagi yang diberi nama Miju. gambar-gambar nie already shoot and edit a long time a go. tapi hari ni baru nak tayang kat sini. i dont have things to say actually just really excited for THE DAY nak habis dah praktikal and plus tadi telepon mentor regarding of the surat bla bla and she's willing to help. owh thanks puan lebiu haha! hurmmm

well the story goes when Miju wanted to see the outside world, so i take him to the outside world which means my mom garden =_= and we had fun together. so let's enjoy The Adventures Of Miju; Outside World .

















FYI, ini adalah kesinambungan dari post yang lalu, bagi yang tak tahu click here

p/s; ignoring? fine. can't wait for friday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD; 4Minute Heart to Heart Mini Album

hey wassup you guys i'm pretty excited for 4minute comeback! it's been a while... yeaaayyyy at first i'm thinking they will be back with some power-hook-bold song but this time actually it's kinda cutesy. but whatever... i love their first single which mean the album title itself. hurmmm i'm not in da mood to write some mumbling shits. so everyone who loves them the download link below. enjoy... a quick shout out "PLEASE SUPPORT THEM BY BUYING THE ACTUAL ALBUM" peace!

p/s; i still thinking Hyuna better with platinum blonde hair like during the "superstar" promotions.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Self-Portrait; Bad Hair Day

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hey wassup you guys, okay i know this post/entry is kinda cheesy and weird and people may hate to see or hate to see hahah! but hey this ma blog meyhh i can do what i wanna do meyhh... haha. whatever~
well the story goes last Saturday, i was pretty bored and don't know what to do that night and then i grab my baby nikoryna and snap some pictures of??? me!!! yeaaaaaaaaaayyyy~ =_="

yerlaaa selain diri sendiri sapa lagik nak menghargai rupa paras ku ini bahahahahah sedihnya ayat~ sapa sanggup amik kamera snap aku haaaa sapa nakk? oklah aku nak tanya kuat-kuat!!! SAPA NAK TANGKAP GAMBAR AKU???!!! angkat jari tengah!!!!....


(0 O 0)"
tak ku sangka ramai betoi!!!

anyhow the point is ... ok takda point pon sesajow jew nie...hahaha i just play with my crazy-curl-weird hair of mine... and somehow its look liked aku jew baru diooopss hahah. and plus aku nak potong rambot yang panjang nie nanti.. tak sabow so maybe ini gambar kesarabutan yang terakhir..buat kali ini hahah! anyways enjoy them okay hahaha ok now its sound pretty perv~ or better just shut the effin laptop/pc right now hahah! coz its pretty worse than Cinta 200 ela. HAHAHAHAH~


the first pic. a rigid emotion with different super power eyes, one of them can change people into snails. ouwwww weird, slimy and cute. *arhh crap

i don't know why at first i felt these photos are kinda cool and then it turn out to be weird... and one word keep in my mind. LUST hahah!

this photo said "i'm begging you puhleasee" with almost die puppy eyes. ahahha~

i don't know but i think this portrait is kinda cool. what you guys think? is it too close or too big or too weird. i don't know. one of my personal fav hahah!

okay this is the true bad hair day picture and this guy is kkaaaaazzeeeyyyyy *berlagu krazey tuh

sometimes i was shocked by my own pictures. and this is my shock-face! hahah~ LOL

well that's for now and i'm thinking more self-portrait coming up. nak lagik ke hahah! i love doing portrait thingy than others i think... hurrmmm i love human beauty*ok sound more pervy... anyhow thanks for coming by and i want to give a lil shout out to my dear friend azali for the wardrobe aka the shirt. hahah! tiba-tibakan nak mention, ok enough mumbling~ have a great day everyone

p/s; sesapa nak dipotret mailaa cek suka jaa~