Monday, March 14, 2011


Sometimes i forgot who am i, where i stand, where i breath
and sometimes i felt hopeless coz losing myself with no directions.
now, i felt like a total loser. lost in everything i did. everything i work.
i'm not the smartest guy in the class, i'm not the coolest guy in the bunch, i'm not the most creative person people know, i'm not the most famous star like the hollywood celebrities, i don't have the best look human can have. i'm just no one. really.
yeah nobody perfect man. i know. in my case, i pathetically worst i guess. naaahhh it is.
i'm grateful what i have now, yes i am, really. but sometimes we hoping dreams can be reality.
and dreams mostly remains dreams...
tonight i'm a lil' bit disappointed with myself not only for a reason but bunch of others, but tomorrow i should raise again. coz there a lot i need to explore. and plus, i feel that i'm not been around here for a long time, so i don't wanna miss another minute.
nadzirul afif, you can do whatever you wanna do and don't stop believing.

p/s; maybe hope is for the losers, but that is how it's start.


Mustakim Mohd Rawi said...

maybe hope is for the losers, but that is how it's start tu utk ku ke?

nadzirul said...

coincidence meyh.
plus ;p hope not for losers, its wrong buddy!