Wednesday, March 2, 2011


listening to; Mushaboom by Feist
mood; worried and blurred

hey wassup frenzy, thanks for visiting. this time i would love to share another free download.. yeaayyy but this time not a kpop songs we go to a lil bit down slow beat mode. hehe i trying to listen to another artists from another genres and countries and now i'm kinda interested in folks songs. so i search and browsing and somehow i found this interesting singer-songwriter from Canada called Feist. According to her wikipedia, she was the top winner with five awards at 2008 Juno Awards *grammy-like for canadian, including Artist of the year. Well that's explain she's big. I was attracted to her song "1234" it's very catchy and fun and it was one of her famous and most recognize song that she wrote. You guys can read all about her career and stuff on her wikipedia by clicking here

Meanwhile for those who wanna enjoying her music, well guess what, here is the FREE DOWNLOAD time! Click the link below to download the 2007 album *The Reminder* including the 1234 single. and also another song called Mushaboom that i listening now. i'm thinking making a video using that song. haha enjoy.

p/s; thanks mak belikan ubat untuk Yuri, sian dia.

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