Monday, March 21, 2011


listening to Intuition by CNBLUE
mood; happy coz CNBLUE is back!
atmosphere; working desk

hey wassup another free download time hahah! wehhh the pretty-rock N' roll boys are back!!! CNBLUE!!! screamm BOICE!!! *cnblue fans.

yeahh they now back with full album and i think their first single of this record gonna be the Intuition. It was a great song. and some of the songs in this album is Japanese released but they made into korean version which is pretty awesome. so enjoy everyone! can't wait to see the MV and their comeback stage.

they already released the concept photos and teasers for this album in 2 weeks ago.

super cool, first teaser~

bad pretty boys, second teaser~

so here the link to download their new awesome record.

p/s; i think the most favourite couple in we got married definitely Sweet Potatoes Couple, Seohyun and Yonghwa.


Mustakim Mohd Rawi said...

since kau dah tukar url, aku dah xdapat link dgn blog means what????either i have to follow u again or what????
btw nad, nk pic yg ada ku masa dinner.send via email,

Mustakim Mohd Rawi said...

another thing is, gmbr yg kt roof top tu(penthouse).hehhe!