Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Adventures Of Miju; In The House

hai hari ini Miju buat pertama kalinya akan membawa anda semua berjalan-jalan melihat dunia kita dari pandangan matanya, Alien nie ada mata ka?. Miju akan membawa anda bermain-main didalam rumah saya. let's go!

i'm hiding from my master, nad afif, we playing hide and seek. hehe he cannot find me in here the nikoryna home(bag).

miju; what are you doing?
me; i'm editing videos
miju; how?
me; i'm using a laptop and software called Adobe Premier
miju; oooo... it's too complicated

miju; what is this?
me; its a helmet.
miju; what is helmet?
me; its a head protector for those who ride the motorcycle
miju; i guess it's too big for me.

miju; what is this?
me; it's a socket, it use to... erm to make electronic devices alive!
miju; really?
me; yeah, like... we use it to watch TV, without it we can't.
miju; so... can i plug it in my destroyer robot and try to take over this world? my robot is a electronic device too..
me; 0_0 i guess its not a good idea...

hey, i can hear sounds. and it singing... in a very weird language "sorry-sorry, naega naega..."

my master said this is just a decoration and it comes in a different size. its look like a jug.

this sofa is too big... hurm what should i do next?... hey what is that?.... (miju jump out the sofa and going somewhere..)

wahhh this flowers is so beautiful and they are so... hard! why this flowers look like plastics?... and its not fresh at all...
me; coz it is plastic, if you want a really one you need to go out there miju.

miju; i guess the outside world must be so much fun with all the fresh flowers.
me; of coz. there a lot of thing you can discover outside.
miju; can i go the outside world?
me; of coz honey. let's go!

nampaknya si miju mahu saya bawa dia keluar rumah. memang banyak benda dia nak tahu. nantikan cerita miju seterusnya dalam The Adventures of Miju; The Garden World.

p/s; ayah nak datang!


niera the story said...

amboi miju.
;) nice meeting u.

Nadzirul Afif Omar said...

hehe nice meeting you too cik niera