Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Angel

hey wassup hottie! to day i'm gonna post a cute pictorial of Angel Rickinson Yussuf, she's pan-asia. Ayah Melayu dan Mak omputeh british. How i met her? by her aunt aka My Bubbly Goth Friend Daia Rahman. She's 9 years old, very cute, active, mature than her age and a warmth person. Maybe that's why I easily like her. She's now just moved from Malaysia to somewhere in UK, i don't remember and i hope she grown up well there with her 2 sisters. Hope she never forget her malay roots. hahah and plus this kids in-fluently in Malay and of coz English, i love her accent. so this is some of her stunning pictures i take last time i'm hangout with her.*actually i'm hangout with her aunt, Daia but she take them together.. so we met lahh~

That's her.

Pretty Girl



p/s; her little sister Lily don't really wanna take pictures. hurm but it's okay hope you guys stay healthy and grow up well~

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