Monday, October 4, 2010


hey wassup you guys.

i wanna make a little shout out to you guys.

first i would like to say thanks and welcome to all new followers, readers and friends. Thanks for reading my shits, and i hope you have a great time wasting time here.

i have a lot things to share with you guys, i have a lot of cool pictures, cool stories and plus much more thang. but the thing is this time around i kinda lil bit busy and sometimes i don't have strength to write some shits even i really want it badly, you know coz of exhausting of hectic celebrity life... (well excuse me! bahahaha) and some other excuses. so i have decided to make a segment everyday or once for 2 day (okay sound kinda weird) Pick Of the Day... yeaaayyy.. i will pick randomly interesting things such as videos which is most of it, music, breaking news or stories and share them with you.

sounds electrifying right? is it?... whatever.

so don't forget to check it out alright.

p/s; hahaha i felt like some kind a weirdo.

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