Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pichu; The Fluffy Princess

Hey wassup you guys, thanks for coming by here, well today~ errr.. nothing much going on too~ but today was a big day for my sister, Mela, coz of her PMR result! well she doing "fine" and i'm not gonna giving her any present coz of her "fine" result, you know what i mean by fine kan. hahah. whatever.

So back to business;

auwww look at the title, is that already cute, Bahahhaaha, as u know or some of u know Pichu is my beloved cat, so this evening i decided to captured some moment with him, so me and my sister play dress up a bit and create princess looked for him, and wallah here are the photos. enjoy!

here is the cover, jeng jeng jeng!!!

ouh my! she's a pretty shy princess!

here goes the accessories, Princess Pichu loves jewelry, a big diamond necklace and diamond bow headband. she got expensive taste!

omagad omagad, she's workin' it! a great pose by Princess Pichu

here comes the close-up shots to show her beauty, she's still pretty shy girl. hehe look at the eyes, FIERCE!

liked most Diva out there, Princess Pichu also have some attitude, the left photo, she's said no to the camera and start shouting wildly and right photo, well as you can see, F**K sign with exact "middle finger"

now the pretty shots, isn't she look nice

auwwww so pretty and cute!!! screaammmm!!!

"where is my Prince Meow-Meow Charming, please save me i don't wanna be eat by those ugly Dog Kings" said Princess Pichu.

last shots, Pichu loves BLING-BLING!


scratching and mess-up, is a must.

taking a shits, ouh shits LOL!!!

still taking shits but in pretty way. cute cute cute!!!

after photoshoot; wah he pretty tired, thanks Pichu, hugs and loves!


ini adik baru Pichu; BieBie, say hi to him!

p/s; ouh ya mungkin ada yang keliru, let me set the record straight, some peole might think Pichu is a girl, naaaahh his a guy, but somehow ramai kata dia betina, ouh well that's fine for him, he still cute dough;


hisham said...
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hisham said...

geram tgk dia pandai poseeeeeeee.....n nice shoot nad...i love it

Adriana Norazian said...

HAHAHA!! omey omey omey! Eh yang last tu BieBie?Yang baby baru tu ke? comel nye!

Nadzirul Afif Omar said...

thanks sham

tasha, yup! macam Aslam kan?

aku NUR HAYDA said...

pinjam riben...nak g dinner...huu~