Monday, February 28, 2011

Doodatnaddy the new name!

wassup you guys. so today i once again tukar nama blog. bahhahahah, i'm so sorrylahh.. coz nama dulu which is nadzirulafifterbang, was too long and weird. now i change into DOODATNADDY, somehow it's still sound weird butta better i guess, coz it's kinda berirama sedikit. gahahahha

why Doodatnaddy?
errr~ i don't even know actually, just some ideas came up in my mind, maybe "doodat" something that related to "do-what-cha-wanna-do-and-don't-care-about-what-other-people-sayin'-thingy" hahaha and naddy obviously my name that my great friend juejue always called me... so honestly it's just came up and i change it like a G6 bahahah what the hell i'm mumbling about.

sorry to read this friends. ^_^

how about the header and background? what do you guys thinks? is it okay?

the point is, whatever it is, if my blog change a lot or other stuff, I will remain the same... bahhahaha once again i sound clishe' and membencikan. BTW thanks for visiting my shits.

p/s; i'm really bored, i just wanna lying down and guling-guling dari ruang tamu ke dapur. hurmmm ;p

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