Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who is KARA members to you?

Nicole; someone that i adore very much but more to be my bestfriend. She's cool, energetic, and cute. Love her smiling eyes

Jiyoung; more to someone i want to take care of, like a lil' sister, adorable yet full of surprise.

Hara; someone that i think i'm gonna fallin' into, coz personally my fav members was Hara. yeah she's the person i would love to date. Beautiful, adorable, charming and have warmth personalities.

Gyuri; she the goddess of all compare to others in this group, maybe other girl group also, but she hurrmmmm something not quite sure about her, she's more like a bad girl turn into soccer-mom, i don't know she's more likely to play a humble queen or a beautiful mom but she's not like that haha... so she's more to be big sister that i'm proud to have, coz she effin' gorgeous.'

Seung yeon - she's pretty, adorable and sweet, someone i love to date. very cute one!

p/s; hey mister jump until u find Lupin

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